MYLAPS X2 Direct Power Car Transponder Racer Pack - 1 Yearby MYLAPS for 205.5
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MYLAPS X2 Direct Power Car Transponder Racer Pack - 1 Year

This is the next generation Direct Power transponder. The X2 Transponder comes in the X2 Racer pack and also includes the new X2 RaceKey to ... Read more


MYLAPS X2 Direct Power Car Transponder is the next generation Direct Power transponder. The X2 Transponder comes in the X2 Racer pack and also includes the new X2 RaceKey to manage your subscription. Works with all MYLAPS Car/Bike Timing Systems. MYLAPS introduces the world's first timing and data system that offers the possibility to measure and publish more race data than just lap times: the X2 system. The X2 system is the next generation MYLAPS platform and offers extensive insights in race activity, track status and system performance. With the X2 system MYLAPS is taking the first step in building a brand new platform to collect and route data at a completely different level. The new platform will enable transponder-based products and services to be used for much more than timekeeping only. By working together with timekeepers, circuits and developers we create more value for everybody involved in racing. The X2 system has an all-new and robust design and includes newly developed portable decoders and servers. The system is built on a new and highly advanced infrastructure and can be used for multiple (motorized) sports.


  • The X2 system brings many new features to everyone who's involved in racing.
  • Automatic upload to - The X2 system automatically uploads practice data to a personal MYLAPS account on
  • 2-way communication - The X2 system brings 2-way communication to the race track: data is not only transmitted from the X2 transponders to the X2 system, but it will be possible to send vital race data back to the vehicle, which can be displayed through onboard race displays.
  • Live timing - X2 enables live timing which makes it easier to broadcast real-time race data. Data can be published on displays on the track, on websites or via mobile apps and third party applications.
  • Supports multi-loop setups - A multi-loop set-up makes sector timing at the track possible. Race data can be segmented for each sector, allowing racers to focus and improve on specific parts of the track.
  • Track analysis & remote control - The X2 system offers insight to system performance. Diagnostics can be accessed and controlled remotely when connected to the Internet via the X2 Cloud. Timekeepers are able to set-up and monitor the system from everywhere: a perfect solution for checking in on free practice runs and race days.
  • Develop custom apps - A Software Development Kit is available with the X2 system, which enables developers to build custom applications.
  • One system for all sports - With the X2 system it is possible to time all motorized sports, like car, motorbike, kart and MX racing*. This makes it possible to expand timing services to other markets.
  • Track temperature and loop status - With track sensors (optional) installed at the track, it is possible to monitor track temperature and loop status.
  • Remote support - The X2 system is characterized by the high build quality and ease of use. Still, issues may occasionally occur. When connected to the Internet, online support via the X2 Cloud is at hand.
  • To unlock the new benefits and make full use of the X2 system's capabilities, MYLAPS will introduce the X2 Racer pack. This includes an X2 transponder and X2 key for racers. Current (non-X2 transponders) MYLAPS transponders are compatible with the X2 system for timekeeping purposes, but will not benefit from the all-new X2 features.
  • *One transponder type per session
  • The X2 Racer Pack consists of the brand new X2 Transponder, the X2 RaceKey and everything you need to install and get it working.
  • X2 Transponder - The X2 Transponder comes as a direct power transponder. It connects to your vehicle's battery; no need to recharge.
  • X2 RaceKey & RaceKey Dash Mount - Install the X2 RaceKey onto your dashboard with the provided X2 RaceKey Mount. The X2 RaceKey Mount connects to your transponder and to your vehicle's battery. The X2 RaceKey is used to check your subscription status and renew it when needed.
  • Cabling - The pack includes all the cabling you need:
  • A USB cable to connect the RaceKey to your computer
  • A cable to connect your X2 RaceKey to your vehicle's battery and the X2 Transponder
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