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A.R.T. Laser Toe Gauge

• Resolution - 1/60 of a degree or approximately .004" on 15" wheel • Toe Accuracy better than Bear & Hunter alignment systems. It ... Read more


The portable Laser Toe Gauge, now sold world wide, was CAD designed specifically for solving the problem of accurately gauging toe angles on race cars having a minimum static ride height of 1/2 inch. This resulted in a laser toe/tracking gauge having the ability to take toe/tracking angle readings on front or rear suspension of any race vehicle. With this design, toe/tracking readings on Indy, FI, NASCAR, Formula Nippon, Touring, Indy Lights, showroom stock cars, etc. can be performed without having to remove aerodynamic body work.

Not only can the gauge be used for independent suspensions, it can also be used for stock cars solid rears. The laser toe gauge has been found to be very useful in checking cambered solid rear axles, as cambered hubs are known to alter the toe of the axle if not manufactured correctly. With the increasing use of solid rear axles with built in toe to improve handing characteristics, the laser toe gauge has become a necessary diagnostic tool in order to maintain repeatable setups.

Used with ART's new "Laser String" for rear axle alignment you have an excellent portable alignment system for four wheel alignment capabilites.

After a simple calibration the procedure of taking a toe angle reading can be performed by one person in a matter of minutes. With the unique laser head design that incorporates the latest in solid state lasers, toe angle readings can be performed with accuracies of better than two thousands of an inch per wheel. With this comes the ability to repeat your setups from track to track without worry.

Studies by some of our customers who are major car companies have shown the laser toe gauge to be more accurate and repeatable in toe measurement than the high priced Hunter alignment machine system. The battery powered laser head incorporates the latest in solid state laser diode technology with excellent laser beam uniformity. Dial indicator output gives you toe readings with resolution of 1/60 of a degree.

This fully portable laser system, which is made of mostly aluminum, weighs less than twenty pounds. It comes with all hardware, instructions, and angle to fraction conversion charts if needed for toe angle gauging. An optional, handmade, precision instrument case is also available.


  • Resolution - 1/60 of a degree or approximately .004" on 15" wheel
  • Toe Accuracy better than Bear & Hunter alignment systems. It can even calibrate them!!!
  • Readings in less than two minutes
  • Level surface not required
  • Wheels from 5" - 28"
  • Battery powered
  • Optional carrying case
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